CocoLectro is founded by Sean Coker & Seth Dressel, two friends of nearly 20 years who have both traveled the world extensively and have been on a mission to bring goodness and quality to market. 

Although both have been heavily involved in the Organic Industry (food & soil), once they stumbled upon the Freeze Dried Coconut Water Powder, they knew this was the game changer that is needed to bring to market!

Our Coconut Water Powder is unlike any other on the market.  Nearly all others contain fillers such as MaltoDextrin or other ingredients.  This is 100% Freeze Dried Coconut Water.  The only way to get a more fresh tasting and better Coconut Water is fresh from a coconut itself.  This saves you the  travel, and also saves the environment.  No waste of multiple cans, low weight, and no harm to the environment.

What can you do?

Try it, take it with you camping or hiking, pump up before your next gym session, just enjoy it at home, make a gallon for your next party!